When the offer of grace is withdrawn

This morning I was in Fort Ashby sitting at a green light hoping to turn left with a line of cars coming toward me.  I see a good gap coming up between two cars and I am getting ready to make my move.  The person leaving the gap can either continue their pace or make a conscious decision to withdraw the grace.  They clearly see me desiring to turn in front of them.  The person pushes the pedal to accelerate and closes the gap.  “Do not even THINK about turning in front of me” is the message received.  And in the middle of the intersection, I finally turn when the light turns red after the last person zips through a late yellow.  In all fairness, it is possible the person was indifferent to me, but was accelerating because they did not want to hit the light red themselves.  In that case, they were not being vindictive toward me, but simply putting their needs before that of a stranger.

In my admittedly judgemental mind, I think to myself “I hope that person does not have a bumper sticker that says “Jesus is my Co-Pilot””.  Or perhaps that would be an appropriate bumper sticker, because Jesus was definitely not driving the vehicle.  If He were, He would have left the gap to let me go.  (I know sometimes in my posts, I share things that let you know the Lord is still working on me.)

It is strange though, that when I pulled in to Fort Ashby Primary School, I typed into my phone this idea that the accelerating car was an example of “withdrawing grace”.  And then I gave thanks to Jesus that He never withdrew nor withdraws His offer of grace for me.  There are times when I say, “O come, Lord Jesus.”  There is so much evil and pain in the world that it makes me wish Jesus would return to begin His judgement.  Yet, the truth is, there are more people than ever that need to accept His grace to be forgiven.  My prayer should be that He tarry a little longer.  One day, His offer of grace will be withdrawn.  One day, those “waiting to turn” to Him will get stuck at the red light and it will never again turn green.  As for today, His grace and forgiveness is still on the table.  Today is the day of salvation.  Thank You Jesus for the grace.





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