The cold hard truth

Sometimes I ask myself if the world really needs another blog.  There are so many voices on the internet.  Then I always think back to one young lady who said her husband would not go to church, but always read my blog.  And I think of a friend in Montana who lives in a pretty isolated place who reads them.  So I blog.  I have written somewhere over 1,500 blog posts over the last 10 years.  Blogging has become a spiritual discipline for me.  One or two in particular I regret writing, but I have never deleted one.

Going back to what I first said about wondering about being one of a billion voices on the internet, I understand it sounds pompous and arrogant to act as if mine are right and others are wrong.  So I will not even assert that.  Some of mine may well be wrong.  But I know today’s is not.

I saw this sign outside the Short Gap VFC a couple of weeks ago and as I often do, I took a picture of it knowing I would use it as a basis for a blog post one day soon.  Obviously today is the day.  The bolt that held the sign upright had let loose and the sign that showed the drivers that there were curves ahead, all of the sudden had turned upside down and now made no sense.

What came to mind after I thought about the sign was what a mixed up world in which we live.  Social media and blog posts have not done anything to make things clearer, but instead have only muddied the waters.  People constantly share blog posts defending positions they agree with, with truth being less important than our agreement with what the writer has written.  We give no credence to any posts we disagree with, even if they are true.  Nobody ever shares a post they disagree with and says, “This makes me think about this in a different way.” People are rarely convinced of anything any more.

The sign also reminds me of some Scripture.  First, I think about times Jesus had compassion for the crowds because “they were like sheep without a shepherd.”  I am thinking of wandering sheep with nobody to lead them, nor anyone who cares for them.  Perhaps even worse are the poor sheep that the Scriptures say will be led astray by shepherds who are nothing more than a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” (Matthew 7:15). There are so many warnings in the Bible about bad leadership and false teaching, still the poor sheep just keep nibbling their way away from God by following people who tell them what they want to hear.

Our society does not want to hear Biblical truth.  Heck, much of the church does not want to hear it.  Our society is all about grace and acceptance, and considers the proclaiming of the truth of sin and repentance as hateful.  Telling people the truth of sin and repentance would be mean spirited if there was no remedy, but we have been given the antidote!  Therefore, what is mean spirited and hateful is to falsely proclaim that grace and acceptance is the default for humanity and comes without the repentance of sin.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer says “Cheap grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves. Cheap grace is the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance…”  There sure is a lot of cheap grace being bestowed.  And cheap grace is cheap because it does nothing to save people from their sin.  A.W. Tozer writes, “The vague and tenuous hope that God is too kind to punish the ungodly has become a deadly opiate for the consciences of millions. It hushes their fears and allows them to practice all pleasant forms of inequity while death draws every day nearer and the command to repent goes unregarded.”

I pray for people who are in love with cheap grace.  If you are in denial of Biblical truths, I pray you would be convicted by the Holy Spirit.   And I pray it in love!  Return, O wanderer!  Turn from peddlers of propaganda.  Jesus died for you because you are a sinner.  Repent and turn to Him trust in in His blood!  And you who are participating in peddling cheap grace – the Lord awaits you come judgement day for all the souls you are leading astray.

“Jesus Thy blood and righteousness
My beauty are, my glorious dress;
‘Midst flaming worlds, in these arrayed,
With joy shall I lift my head.

Bold shall I stand in Thy great day;
For who aught to my charge shall lay?
Fully absolved through these I am –
From sin and fear, from guilt and shame.

~ Count N. L. von Zinzendorf






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