An especially Good Friday

Photo Credit: Beth Foreman

Today is Good Friday.  It’s the day that Jesus was crucified on the cross. Paul Louis Metzger in his commentary on the Gospel of John says:  “One should get the impression that God is conspiring against the conspirators, from Satan to the Sanhedrin. For all their scheming, God is writing the script, not them. Even though everything seems to be unraveling for Jesus and His mission, God has everything under control. So one should get the idea that things aren’t going to turn out the way the conspirators expect.”

God is writing the script and it has more twists and turns than Old Furnace Road.  To most, having a parade with people waving palms, looks like victory and dying on the cross looks like defeat.  Hindsight reveals it is exactly the opposite.  Jesus riding into town in a parade, with everyone cheering does nothing to save me from my sins. Jesus dying on the cross takes away my sin and Jesus rising from the grave gives me victory. Little do they realize at the time, that the triumphal entry is not Jesus’ victory march. The bloodied walk to the cross is Jesus’ victory march, and in a twist nobody could have seen coming, the cross is OUR victory march. Yet we want it both ways – we want to claim the victory through the cross, but we want the benefits and adulation that comes with the parade.  We do not want to pick up our cross daily. (Luke 9:23)

Good Friday is a good time to remember that even in our current situation, Scripture tells us that as believers we know that God is always at work for good.  In spite of how things appear, even when God allows Satan to work, Satan in not in control.  God is not waiting to see what Satan is going to do.  Sometimes, such as the journey from the cross to the grave to the empty tomb in a few short days, we are blessed to see what good God brought from the bad.  Other times in our lives, we won’t see the good that came from the bad as long as we’re on this side of heaven.  But when we believe that God is at work for His good and that is ultimately good for us as His children, even things that seem to be sure defeat turn out to be victory in God’s Kingdom.  And if you are His child, you are part of His Kingdom on earth.  That makes this an especially Good Friday.




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