It does not matter what people say

Some of my blog posts are challenging. Most of my 1,600+ posts are not controversial, but are instead encouraging. If you are looking for one of the encouraging ones today, you might be better off not reading today’s. Instead click here. If you choose to carry on, do so with the disclaimer that this blog is my opinion, of which I am currently entitled and feel led to write today.

I posted an article from the National Review yesterday about abortion. It is written by a brilliant professor from Princeton. I heard from a couple of people via texts that it got an argument going on Facebook. I would not know because I clicked “turn off notifications for this post”. I no longer participate in Facebook arguments or as some call them – discussions. I do not know why people feel the need to comment on things they disagree with on FB. It is certainly their right, but I do not get it. I put the abortion article out there and it speaks for itself. People can take it or leave it. It does not matter what people say. There is no way the God of Creation, the God who knows every person when they are in the womb, the God who can redeem and restore and values every life… there is no way this God approves of the killing of babies in the womb. And you can spare me the exceptions. Very few of the nearly million abortions done in the United States last year were due to the exceptions that people argue. Abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States. Talk about preventable deaths. There will be four times more baby deaths in 2020 than Covid deaths. There will be over 50 thousand times more babies taken from the womb than unarmed black men shot by police. You may not like the comparisons and that is fair. However, those are the numbers.

I remember David Platt in his book Radical writing everyone in the world could gather together and in unison yell, “You are wrong” to God and even though the entire world agreed, the entire world would be wrong and God would not be wrong. I can be wrong about Him, but He is never wrong. It does not matter what you or I say. We are humans and God is God. His ways are perfect and He is perfect.

Even as I get up in front of a congregation and preach every Sunday, I know there are times I do not say what I should have said. I know I am not always right. I do not very often know with 100% certainty that I speak for God, but I know this: Anyone who supports virtually limitless abortion believes something in direct violation of the will of God. I am talking about abortion for the sake of convenience. I am not saying there are not regrettable times when abortion is the lesser of two bad choices. I am also not saying that anyone who has had an abortion is condemned for their past choices. Often times there are numerous victims in the cases of abortion.

At the very least, abortion should be regrettable. In this corona era when so many shout “follow the science”, it is ironic that most of those same folks are not willing to follow the science on abortion. Over the last 50 years science has undoubtedly proven that abortion is the taking of life. I would think the people who take pride in speaking for the “least of these” in our society would speak out for those who can not yet speak. I titled today’s post, “It does not matter what people say”. That title springs from the idea that it matters not what we say against God. On the other hand, it definitely matters what we say about abortion. And I write today as one who is accountable to the God who most certainly opposes it.





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