What you are looking for

Today’s post will pair two seemingly unconnected thoughts together to remind us that everyone on earth needs Jesus.

Yesterday while driving I passed a rather obscure part of a pickup truck standing along the road. It was a rear pane and I am not sure what model or year truck it would fit. The TV show “American Pickers” came to mind. When pickers Frank and Mike are buying things to re-sell they often talk about finding the right buyer. They pay quite a bit for some things and their job is to find the person to whom it holds value. They often talk about how it will take them a long time to find the right buyer. This old truck part is of no value to me. To someone else, it is just what they need. As soon as I drove past the part, God gave me a Biblical lesson about matching an item up to the person who is looking for it.

I remember in the 1988 season when West Virginia played Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl in January of 1989. I went to that game and I recorded it to watch when I got home. In the television lead up to the game the network played U2’s song, “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” about West Virginia looking for respect and a national championship.

I know I already spoiled the ending, but I wanted you to be thinking about it as you read. These two ideas come together this morning to remind us that everyone needs Jesus. Jesus is the “part” that everyone in the world is missing. The most difficult thing about Jesus is that nobody realizes it until the moment they realize it. All the dis-contentedness and unhappiness in the world is due to humanity’s searching for things that do not satisfy. They are out “purchasing” this and that and none of it makes one whole. Jesus truly is the answer. And until a person finds Him, their theme song could easily be the song from U2.





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3 Responses to What you are looking for

  1. dennis mickey says:

    Great story and a great song! Sometimes it’s tough being a WVU fan.

  2. Christine Funkhouser says:

    Perfect song…should be sung or played at the beginning of every church service!

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