I said a prayer

The other day on an ambulance call we had a patient with a serious medical problem that required the paramedic on the ambulance to give an IV to administer medication. The difficulty in this for a medic is that people in crisis are often dehydrated, making their veins difficult to hit. Halfway through the process, Jordan Hayes, the medic on the call said something along the lines of “this IV is not going to work and I have to get one.” We did a blood glucose reading and the level was too low for the monitor to read it. 45 seconds later Jordan looked at me and asked, “Did you say a prayer?” I said “yes, yes I did.” He said, “Well that prayer just got this IV to work for me.’

Oh, how I thanked God at that moment that He led me to pray. Think about it. How embarrassing would it have been for me if I had NOT said a prayer in that time of need. Imagine if my answer would had to have been, “Well, we were so busy that I did not say one.” Or if I had said, “Well, I said one as I was driving down to get the ambulance.” I was never more thankful that I had said a prayer than at that very moment. When the medic thought the IV would fail, I said, “You can do this Lord. Make it work.” That was my silent prayer. And then God came through.

As we got the person to the hospital and the nurse in the emergency department unsuccessfully tried twice to get another IV on the man, Jordan said to the nurse (who he was friends with), “Do you mind if I try one?” The nurse said, “You just saw me try twice”. Desperately needing another IV, she let Jordan try and he got it. He said, “The preacher prayed over me for the first one and I’m laying claim to that prayer all day.”

This morning I came in to the church at 5:15 to see if the poll workers needed anything. The poll workers for the election were supposed to be here at 5:30, but they were already here. Shortly afterwards I went up to the sanctuary to pray. I prayed about the election today. I did not pray for a particular result. I prayed for our country. I pray that between two imperfect candidates, whether we elect the “right” or “wrong” one, that God would use that person to lead this country back to Him. I do not even know if that is possible. But I have prayed for things that appeared impossible before. I do it all the time. And sometimes, the impossible becomes done with God.

Did you say a prayer?





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