Watch what I say

About 30 years ago when I was in my late 20’s or very early 30’s I spent a night in the Morgantown jail for public intoxication. On occasion I share the story from my past to offer hope to people when I preach. It is a part of the story of God’s redemption in my life. It is especially powerful at the Union Rescue Mission, where a larger percentage of people have had a similar experience and where honesty is abundant. At the time 30 years ago, however, after Diane bailed me out I was hopeful that nobody where I lived in Tyler County would see my name and offence in the Morgantown newspaper. I was able to get through that embarrassing moment of my life with very few people knowing about it. Obviously, by this post, you know I no longer run from that mistake. I give glory to God that He has delivered me from my past and has expunged it from my heavenly record.

If I was a young person today and my mistake occurred in today’s society I would have had no hope in escaping public ridicule. Someone sees it and it gets blasted all over Facebook as stories are “shared” publicly or privately. But God has not changed. He will still remove anything from your permanent record if you repent and ask for forgiveness through Jesus. He will forgive all your sins. Even the ones you “say” on social media.

I am well aware that what I say on social media matters. I am Christ’s representative on earth, not that I need or desire that kind of pressure. I went back and looked at my blog and Facebook posts from 4 years ago after the election. I pretty much ignored it and focused on posts and blogs about Jesus. I am trying to do the same this year. Four years ago half the country rejoiced and half the country mourned. Today, it is the same. The only difference this election is the roles are reversed. And in four years our country will do it all over again. In four more years if I am still alive, I will look back at how I responded to this election on social media. I do not want to be disappointed in myself so I watch what I say. But… it is comforting to know that when we do or say things that disappoint God, He will forgive anything we do or say if we ask Him.





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