You never know what is going to strike a chord

The phrase “strike/struck a chord” finds its origins in the early 1700’s when it was used to describe hitting the right note on a musical instrument. 100 years later it was used as a metaphor for something that would evoke an emotional response. For me personally, when our church provides Pop Tarts or Oreos for kids whose families cannot afford to purchase those treats, that strikes a chord with me. I never had those things in my house growing up so I love being able to provide those for kids who never get them. The only time I got them was when I went to the home of my friend Tommy Cooper whose mom Dee would always have Oreos and/or Chips Ahoy cookies in a special drawer. I now know she likely bought them for me. Now my heart is “strangely warmed” when I am able to procure those items for kids who never get them.

I never know what is going to strike a chord when I write. Over 200 people have read yesterday’s post. That’s 50-75% more than normally read a particular post. Sometimes I think a certain post will take off and it does not. Sometimes I do not think one will and it does. It reminds me of the mystery of the Gospel. All we can do is proclaim it and do our best to live it. We often call that planting seeds. And sometimes the seed grows into a beautiful life for Christ. Other times… I would argue MOST of the time… nothing obvious. (I do not, nor do you, need to be reminded that we never know what happens after the seed is planted). But this I know: It is not my job to convince anyone of anything. The Bible is clear that the Holy Spirit does that. Yet the Bible is also clear that we play a part when Romans 10:14 asks, “How can people have faith in the Lord and ask him to save them, if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear, unless someone tells them?”

So do not be discouraged thinking about those times you have proclaimed Jesus and it seems to have been in vain. Do not be discouraged if your life glorifies Him and it seems to be making no difference in the lives of those you love. Keep planting seeds by calling people to turn to Him through your words and your witness, careful not to compromise the Gospel to make it less offensive or more appealing. You never know what will strike a chord in concert with the mysterious work of the Holy Spirit.






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