The way things appear

Saturday Terry Feaster had left the fire station and I stayed to work on reports. I was in the bay syncing the laptop when he came back in yelling for me. He said, “Come out here and look at your car.” We walked outside and he said, “It looks like you have a bra setting on the dash of your car.” He was cackling. It sure did. It was not, of course. It was two N95 masks. Throughout the coronavirus season I have typically placed them in the dash of my car and let the sun “bake them” to sanitize them for re-use.

It is a great reminder that things are not always what they appear, especially when it comes to Jesus. Time and time again in the Bible, if you did not know better you would have sworn God was defeated. I remember watching a video of people (in a country where they did not know about Jesus) watching The Jesus Film in their own language. They would just wail with tears when He died on the cross. I remember hearing stories that the people would have to be called back because they were leaving when the Messiah died on the cross, thinking it was over. The devil thought it was over as well.

Whatever you are going through, remember things are not always the way they appear. If you thought you saw a bra in the front of my car, you did not. If you think your story is over, it is not. In spite of how things currently appear, rest assured that Jesus is still on the throne.





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