We’re doing the best we can

This morning I got a text from Eileen White asking if we were giving out turkeys or hams next week for our special Thanksgiving week food distribution. Enquiring minds want to know – and I do not mean Eileen. Each year there is conversation about turkeys verses hams for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are a few people who get a turkey who would rather have a ham, or vice-versa. Sometimes people have been pretty vocal about their preference. This year we hope to have turkeys and hams. Daddy Lou’s Pub & Pantry in Short Gap is providing us with some turkeys. The Mountaineer Food Bank, where we got a phenomenal deal on hams, rescheduled our delivery for next week due to Mineral County being a covid hotspot. I am not sure what difference five days will make, but we pray they do deliver next week. If the food bank does not deliver to us, we will do the best we can to make other arrangements.

This morning I was thinking that whatever happens and whatever we give out next week, we will simply tell the people who come to the pantry that we are doing the best we can. That is all we can do. Teachers, nurses, pastors, parents, politicians, first responders, doctors, police officers, Dollar General employees, UPS workers, home health workers, students, and everyone else you run across on social media and in person are all doing the best they can. Sometimes we wish others could do better. Sometimes we wish we could do better ourselves – or at least I wish I could. Sometimes people (any time I write people, I never mean to sound like I am excluding myself) appear hypocritical telling others to stay home and wear masks and then posting pictures of their own gatherings or talking about going out to eat or going on vacation (or in the case of politicians and some in our community not posting things themselves, but being outed). We wish we/they would do better.

I remember when I was a kid I used to think that my parents should be doing a better job as parents than what they were doing. I literally thought that at the time. When you grow and have kids of your own, you realize they were doing the best they could. Sometimes I think that if I understand that about my parents, that surely God understand that about me. I love Jesus and I know He loves me. I try not to purposely do things that disappoint Him, but I know I do. One of the most remarkable things about becoming a follower of Jesus is what the Apostle Paul says in Romans 5:20, “Where sin abounded, grace did much more.” In short, Paul reminds us that wherever we fall short, God’s grace covers it. He is not saying that we can sin indiscriminately, but that we are to do the best we can. Yet, where we fall short, we are covered by God’s abounding grace. I pray that God would help me do better in showing grace to people doing the best they can in this difficult virus season.





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