A warning for nothing

I looked over from my home this morning and saw the school zone light flashing and thought, “Is today a school day?” Today feels like a Saturday to me. Surely I am not alone in thinking that it has been so hard to keep track of the days. Then I remembered today was Friday and it is a school day – just ask any parent of school aged kids.

However, in this difficult time a school day is not what it used to be. Once again this week, kids have not gone to the school. Parents, students, and teachers are doing their best to play the hand they have been dealt. The school zone light is meaningless. It is very rare for a vehicle to slow down when they see the light. There will be no police car setting at the bottom of the hill, no buses pulling in and out, and no high school students anxiously waiting to pull on to the road at the end of the day. The flashing light is really a warning for nothing right now and nearly everyone knows it.

Much of our society sees the Bible in the same way. While it warns us that we are all sinners in need of a Savior, too many see it as a warning that we no longer need to pay any attention to. It is outdated, some think. We need to change it – modernize it – to match up with the way we live now, some say. Still others see it as a man made religion and believe it is a warning for nothing.

It is a warning that is too dangerous to ignore, so I will keep proclaiming it. It is a story that is too great for words. It tells us about our sin and the penalty for sin. It also contains the Good News that while we were yet sinners that Jesus died for us. It tells us that if we confess our sin to Him, that He is faithful to forgive us of our sin. It is a warning for which God has provided a solution. And most of the world drives by paying no attention. One day the flashing school zone sign will have meaning again. Parents, teachers, and students can not wait. One day, everyone who disregards the warning of the Bible will realize it had meaning the whole time, and for them it will be too late. If you are reading this, you still have time to take the warning seriously.





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