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That thing you are hiding

I got a new phone and I am still getting used to things. I do like the facial recognition that unlocks it. I have never had my phone on lock until a few months ago when I thought I lost … Continue reading

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The darkness will not overcome the Light

In the ten days before Christmas there were about 1,000 people from around the world that came to my blog to view a writing titled, “Good News Christmas Eve Free Written Sermon”. People and pastors are often looking on the … Continue reading

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A free gift

My blog has advertisements on it because I have the “free plan”. This means that you who read it see advertising which helps to give me the free plan. In my experience, the advertising on the internet is sometimes generic … Continue reading

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Let’s be the church as God intends…

Covid vaccines began yesterday for first responders in Mineral County. Several members of the Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company received theirs. It is called the SGVFC because it has been a fire company from its formation. Today, the name is … Continue reading

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God came to earth

This morning as I was looking at one of the lights in the house I was thinking about never having to change light bulbs any more. We have LED light bulbs everywhere possible in the house and they last forever. … Continue reading

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What sacrifice looks like

This morning I saw this photo of Mineral County paramedics Jordan Hayes and Shay Teter taken by and shared by Mahogany Images. All credit for this photo goes to Mahogany Images. I always like to add a photo to my … Continue reading

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When you are the one God calls for the job

The latest prediction this morning from the National Weather Service is calling for 12-18 inches of snow for our area tomorrow. Today the store shelves will be emptied of bread, milk, and toilet paper (like you people are not already … Continue reading

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Hope that does not disappoint

I was up before daylight thing morning and as the sky began to lighten I anticipated a glorious sunrise. Naturally, sunrises are exactly the opposite of sunsets. Sunsets display the beautiful colors and then the clouds turn to gray. Sunrises … Continue reading

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Never alone

MercyMe released a new song called “Say I Won’t”. It’s inspired by Gary Miracle (his real name) who was their first bus driver, merchandise sales guy, and roadie about 25 years ago. Gary lost parts of all four of his … Continue reading

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Hang in there, God is near

He is always willing to pick us up, wipe our face, dry our tears, put His arm around us, and one day… one day He will set things right. Continue reading

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