When you are the one God calls for the job

The latest prediction this morning from the National Weather Service is calling for 12-18 inches of snow for our area tomorrow. Today the store shelves will be emptied of bread, milk, and toilet paper (like you people are not already stocked up on toilet paper) as many people prepare to hunker down for a couple of days.

Every time we are expecting a significant snowfall I think back to a snowy day a couple of years ago when Renee Douthitt and I spent the entire day in the fire department brush truck going from wreck to wreck to help with traffic control as vehicles were removed from ditches and pushed up hills. If the department had everyone available that day, Renee and I would probably not have been the ones the department sent out to control traffic and push cars (no disrespect to Renee, who is a firefighter extraordinaire and up for any job). Others with more “experience” would have likely gone. Renee and I would have been manning the ambulance, being that she is a paramedic and I was certified as an ambulance driver, but the two of us were the only ones available and the calls kept coming in and we went. We had the truck with the lights, we had “stop” and “slow” signs, we had boots, helmets, gloves, and reflective vests… we had everything we needed. Speaking for myself, I had everything I needed except the confidence. It was literally the first day I had driven the brush truck on a real call.

I not only think of that day when we are expecting significant snowfall, I also think of that day when I feel inadequate for the task at hand. Sometimes I feel like I am not the best choice for the job and I do not understand why God did not choose someone else. I know some people probably see me as being very confident and secure, but trust me, that is not always the case. There are many times I wish God would send someone more qualified or give the job to someone else.

Then I remember that snowy day in the brush truck. And I know that whatever God has called me to, He is doing something in me whether I succeed or whether I “fail” (by my own definition). I am thankful for this reminder today that He is always teaching us, equipping us, and preparing us for something on the horizon. I pray you, too, are blessed by this reminder in your own life and in your own insecurities.





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