A free gift

My blog has advertisements on it because I have the “free plan”. This means that you who read it see advertising which helps to give me the free plan. In my experience, the advertising on the internet is sometimes generic and sometimes targeted. If you have been searching for a fire pit, you will undoubtedly receive fire pit ads in your Facebook timeline among other places. While it is a “free plan” to me and to you, someone still has to pay to keep WordPress up and running. Our society has begun to confuse the idea of “free” with “I am not the one paying for it”. (When they talk about free college, for example.)

This reminds me of Christianity. Sometimes I and others call the offer of salvation through Jesus a “Free Gift”. While it is a free gift to you and me who will believe it and receive it, Someone paid for it. In this Christmas season when so many of us are giving and receiving gifts, let us not forget the cost of the greatest gift. The greatest gift was Jesus. And it was not just the gift of His birth that we celebrate this week. The greatest gift was given on Good Friday when He paid the price for our sin. It is free to me, but it did not come cheap. While it cost me nothing, it cost God dearly. Thank you Jesus for entering Your creation and paying for my sin.

It is the greatest gift you can receive….. And I pray you have.





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