The darkness will not overcome the Light

In the ten days before Christmas there were about 1,000 people from around the world that came to my blog to view a writing titled, “Good News Christmas Eve Free Written Sermon”. People and pastors are often looking on the internet for inspiration for sermons and devotions. And it’s not just people from the United States. On December 24 there were people from 25 countries that came to my blog, including places where there are harsh punishments against Christianity.

Today, December 26, there have been three people who have viewed the written Christmas Eve sermon on my blog. While there are people who will take their trees and decorations down today, there are a few people who are still looking at a Christmas Eve sermon. Our society spends two months getting ready for Christmas and one day celebrating it. We treat it like a Disney vacation, anticipating it for months on end and when it is over, it is over. And if we are being honest, this year some of us barely celebrated it. We acted as if there was nothing to be celebrated since most of us stayed away from most family or have suffered loss that is all too fresh.

Today, I want to remind you that Christmas marks not so much an end, but a beginning. Because of the birth of the Christ Child, we have hope. Because of the birth of the Son of God we can better know God. Because of the birth of our Savior, we can begin to understand God’s great love for us.

So to all of you, but especially those of you who have suffered hardships, depression, and loss in 2020, I pray you can see Christmas as a new beginning. With the birth of Jesus, Light entered the world and the darkness could not overcome it. The darkness that overwhelmed us in 2020 will be overcome by the Light. While I acknowledge that things will never be the same for many of you/us, I also believe that if you will pull back the curtains and allow the Light to enter, that you will see the Lord work in 2021 in ways you could have never imagined. Beginning today.

“Come broken and weary, come battered and bruised,
my Jesus makes all things new, all things new.”
~ Andrew Peterson

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