Live for Little Moments

For the last eleven years I have been blogging about things in my day to day life and for the last ten months, day to day life has been different. It seems like I mention ambulance calls a lot in my posts, but that has been one of the few constants for me through this. I never want anyone to take these posts the wrong way. I write them to give glory to God and to help you as the reader.

This morning at 5:30 I went out to help get a patient off the floor and to the ambulance. I was not initially on the call, but the crew we had needed help. The patient’s family could not get their loved one off the floor. This happens more than you would think. As things were progressing, and a decision was being made about going to the hospital, one of the adult children of the patient said, almost under her breath, “God is good.” Most of you know what I was obligated to say in response.

Say it with me…. “All the time.”
“Thank you”, she responded.

Reflecting on it now, I am not so sure she was saying thank you to me as much as she was thanking the One who sent me (and I do not mean Brenda Long, who the Lord used to message me to go and help). I know it did something for this person to hear the response to her proclamation “God is good” in the pre-dawn hours of the Lord’s day. And it did something for me as well. It reminded me that life is mostly made up of little moments… moments that do not seem nearly as significant to us as they truly are. When you say a kind word to the cashier at the Dollar General, when you and your spouse leave a $15 or $20 tip on your $25 meal at your favorite restaurant, when you tell a child they did a good job, and when you say “All the time” when you hear someone say “God is good.”

I typed this sentence to begin to finish out today’s post: “Sometimes we act as if we are not doing something momentous we are not making a difference.” And when I typed the word “momentous” I realized it had the word “moment” in it. Every moment that you and I show a kindness for the glory of God, it is momentous… both on earth and in heaven.





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