Without the but

This morning I was getting ready to go to the church when Diane asked if I would fill her coffee cup while I was up (she was seated in the recliner). She held her cup up and I began pouring coffee in her cup. She said, “OK, that’s good”. She was holding the cup up high enough that she could not see how much coffee was in it. I said, “You have no idea how much is in the cup, I can see it and I can keep going”. I know Diane did not want it so full that she would spill it on herself. I then took a picture of her cup on the end table for this post. You can see I left her plenty of room. She can trust me.

It immediately struck me that God and I have similar conversations. I often tell God “keep going” or “whoa, that is enough” or “do this” or “do not do that”. I tell Him those things not seeing what He sees. I do not really know what God should do. God can see the entire picture. He knows His purposes and He knows what is best. I do not have a clear picture of the way things need to go, even in my own life. But God does. The only question is, do I trust Him? If I am being honest, the answer is yes, but…

Lord, get me to a yes without the but.





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