For the glory of God

Today I am wearing a shirt that many people would throw away. These fire department shirts were very new when the Covid hit early last year. but this one looks old because it has bleach spots on it. I also have an orange Samaritan’s Purse shirt from a mission trip that has a white paint roller splat on the back from where JoLynn Sullivan purposely whacked me on the back with a loaded paint roller. In her defense, it may or may not have been a retaliatory strike πŸ˜‰ I wear both the “paint roller” shirt and the “bleach spot” shirts in public, likely against my dear wife’s wishes. Both shirts are special to me because I know how the imperfections got on the shirts. The bleach spots got on this shirt when I was on an ambulance call. After taking a patient to UPMC Western Maryland I went to a designated area to clean the stretcher. Typically, they graciously provide us with sanitizing wipes, but wipes became scarce last year during Covid, and they provided us with a bottle of bleach water. You can put two and two together…

A bottle of bleach water + a dark shirt + a little carelessness = bleach spots.

I have other shirts and shoes that have special meanings to me. I have two pair of shoes that belonged to a troubled man who tragically died under dire circumstances. I purposely wear a pair of those shoes on mission trips and it makes me think of all the events, both good and bad that led those shoes to be on my feet in Texas or Haiti or wherever I happen to be.

I see the hand of God in all of the clothing, not in the clothes themselves, but in their stories and their use for His glory. It is my hope that people will see His purpose, provision, redemption in my own life, for His glory.

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2 Responses to For the glory of God

  1. Sue white says:

    You really have been blessing me with blogs

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