Getting from “does He” to “He does”

This morning I was checking in with a friend who has a big life event coming up and the Lord put it on my mind to text them this morning. In the conversation one text I wrote was, “You have a lot of life left to live for God’s glory…” I looked at it. It looked good. After I clicked “send” I saw that the phone changed it to “Do you have a lot of life yet to live for God’s glory.” There is a big difference between “Do you” and “You do”. “Do you” is a question. “You do” is a statement.

There is a song, “Is He Worthy?” co-written and recorded by Andrew Peterson then later recorded by Chris Tomlin. The entire song is a bunch of back and forth questions that require answers:
“Do you…”- – -“We do…”
“Is He…”- – -“He is…”
“Does He…” – – – “He does…”

Many times throughout life we ask questions. Things we do not understand make us wonder. Things that make no sense make us doubt. We ask a whole lot of “why” questions.

The song culminates with a resounding, “He is… He is… He is worthy, He is worthy… He is.” There is no longer any question. The conclusion has arrived: He is worthy of all blessing and honor and glory. God has answered the questions that matter most. Does He love us? He does. How do we know? While we were yet sinners, He sent Jesus to die on the cross to make a way for us to be reconciled to Him. Can we trust Him? We can. The only questions that remain are
Do you believe this?
Have you trusted Him to save you?
I hope that you can say, “I do” and “I have”.

Below is a link to the song sung by the two of them together.

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2 Responses to Getting from “does He” to “He does”

  1. Sue white says:

    Love each blog everyday

  2. Christine Funkhouser says:

    This is one of my favorite songs. When I hear it or sing with it, I begin crying! It is so sacred, worshipful and Holy. One day I’ll sing it with the angels in worship to my Saviour, Jesus the One who is worthy!!!

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