Thanks for reminding me to not give up

This morning I worked for a couple of hours on a blog post. As I was finishing it, I realized what the Lord was giving me was not the blog post for today, but was instead the perfect ending for this coming Sunday’s sermon. I am disappointed because I cannot share it today. I almost did anyway, titling it “Spoiler Alert for Sunday’s Sermon”. Instead, I will use this morning’s experience and disappointment to post another thought.

I will chalk this morning up to being a reminder of my human limitations and God’s limitless wisdom and power. I need those reminders. They help me with my humility. It is so easy to forget that when I question God’s ways or God’s Word I am like a three year old questioning a parent who smacks my fingers for trying to stick a fork in an electric outlet. Do I believe that God created the universe and everything in it? Do I believe that Jesus came to die for my sins? Have I accepted His free gift of salvation? Do I trust Him? My answer to all those questions is yes. And this morning when I set out in the darkness to write, God knew I was writing the end of Sunday’s sermon. I did not know that until I was about 90% finished. And that is the synopsis of my walk with Jesus. I keep walking, thinking He is doing one thing, only to find out later He is doing much more. Knowing this, how in the world can I give up or give up hope on the things of God halfway through them when experience tells me that God is doing much more than I can see? Thanks for this reminder today, God.

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  1. Sue white says:

    Thank you sfsin

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