Are you angry, lonely, or depressed?

I was listening to a sermon from pastor Matt Chandler this morning and he was setting up a twelve week sermon series titled “Unearthed”. This foundational sermon talked about how the world and the desires of the world can never leave us anything but empty. Even worse than empty, the end result in seeking satisfaction and fulfilment in our own worldly desires are designed by the enemy of God to leave us, as Matt Chandler said, “angry, lonely, and depressed.” The devil deceives and eventually destroys through this false advertising that everything is about us and at the end of the journey of indulging self, we will find satisfaction. The Bible says flat out that we will have trouble on that path. And the enemy of God tries to convince us that it can end otherwise. There is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. Even the rainbow is a mirage.

I saw this shirt at the beach. It happened to be on a guy so I discretely walked back and took a picture and then snuck away. It was a Coastal Carolina university shirt that said, “It’s About You”. Who in their right mind would tell a young person that? Is it any wonder people end up disappointed? Yet the devil whispers that lie and sets that trap and it ensnares us all too often.

In contrast to that way of thinking, God tells us we will find true peace only in Him. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…and then…”, the Bible tells us. And then what? And then we will find what we need. When we come at life from the angle that we were created for a purpose, and that purpose is not our own worldly desires, but to serve a God who loves us… that is the key. Only when I make my life about Him will I will have peace.

I admit I have not been in a season of peace. It has been a tough 20 months. There is no doubt I need to get back to putting God first.

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