Always right there

Yesterday Diane and I had an out of town appointment. I took coffee with me in my favorite cup. It is my favorite because it holds twice as much coffee, keeps it hot for hours, and Diane got it for me. This morning as the coffee was brewing I was wondering where I left that cup. I know it did not wander off. I remember taking it out of the car we were in yesterday and putting in the car I normally drive. I ran out to the car to get it and upon discovering it was not in the car I thought perhaps I remembered carrying it in the church. I looked here and there with no success before finally grabbing another cup and heading to the coffee pot. Would you believe the coffee cup was beside the coffee pot? I wondered how I had not seen it before looking for it everywhere else.

Then I quit wondering because it happens all the time. Sometimes it happens because I am not looking for it and other times it happens even when I am looking for it. There are also times when something is hidden, as I wrote about a few years ago in this past blog when the fog hid the mountains. I know the same thing has to happen to you.

Without fail, when this happens to me my first thought is always about God. I know the Bible says He is always right there. And I know it to be true. Yet sometimes, mostly when I am going through a difficult time or things just do not seem to be going my way, I wonder. Doubt creeps in and I wonder if He is really near. Then, at moments like this when something I was looking for was right before my eyes, I remember: So is He. He is near.

*You are near, O LORD, and all Your commandments are true… Psalm 119:151
*The LORD is near to all who call on him… Psalm 145:18
*The LORD is near to the brokenhearted… Psalm 134:18
*God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble… Psalm 46:1
*We give thanks to You, O God; we give thanks, for Your Name is near… Psalm 75:1

If you ever, or if you are even now wondering where God is in all this messiness that is this season of our lives, today He wanted me to remind you He is near. He is near the broken-hearted. He is near to those who call out to Him. He is always right there whether you can feel it or not.

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3 Responses to Always right there

  1. Valerie says:

    Thank you pastor! I needed this! Been praying all night for my father who is fighting covid. Faith doesn’t go by our feelings! Thankfully! We will have to catch up sometime soon. Thinking of you often!

  2. Sue White says:

    Thank you…. I needed that reminder today

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