Worth saving

Yesterday there was a bee in the basement. After some investigating I realized it was a honeybee so I scooped it up and placed it outside on a plant. Honeybees are vital to pollinating our food, they provide honey, and they are not looking to harm us. Had it been a yellow jacket I would have killed it. Yellow jackets are just plain mean and nasty. A wasp? I would have smashed it. A wood-boring carpenter bee? Swat! Some bees are worth saving, others are not.

I am thankful that God does not see us like I see bees. He believes all are worth saving. When Jesus came to die on the cross, he died for sinners. There was nobody else to die for because we are all sinners. And yet, Jesus died for us. There is nobody beyond the reach of God and He desires that all would repent and turn to Him. If you are feeling unworthy or unloved, lift your head, for Jesus loves you. I know this because He loves everyone!

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2 Responses to Worth saving

  1. Although we are small in our eyes He stiil loves and cares for us.

  2. Sue white says:

    Thank you…. Perfectly said

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