Failure is not final

This morning I was making some mini chocolate mocha cheesecakes in cupcake pans. I have made them before with foil cupcake liners. Today, I went with a simple non-stick spray and no liner. Let me say that turned out to be a great idea, and not for the reason you might think. It was impossible to get the cheesecakes out of the pans in one piece. It turned out to be impossible to get each one out in less than six pieces! At first I was trying to mold them back together and wrap them in plastic wrap until I realized that was not going to be acceptable.

I began thinking about how great inventions throughout history often came about through initial failure. I seriously did. Then I wondered if I might be able to mix up the little cheesecakes in a bowl like a dough, scoop them out into little balls, and cover them with white chocolate. One thing led to another and BAM. I ended up with these moist and delicious white chocolate covered chocolate mocha cheesecake balls. Initial failure turned out to be wonderful, but not how I planned. I would never have planned to make these because the ingredients are very costly and they are way too much work.

I then began thinking something else. I thought about how life as a follower of Jesus is a lot like that. Not many of us who call ourselves His followers are where we thought we would be when we initially said yes to Him. I think disbelief would have prevented me from saying yes to Him at that altar rail in Ravenswood, WV if He had told me where I would be today. It has not been an easy path. It has been and continues to be costly. It is nothing like I planned or chose. And yet, here I am for this season… sitting in the pastor’s office in Short Gap, WV… and come what may, there is no place I would rather be than to be in the will of God.

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1 Response to Failure is not final

  1. Eileen White says:

    I agree Scott. I think back to when I was a fun loving, spoiled teenager with a great life and not a care in the world. So thankful as my life started down the path I was to follow. Through the twist and turns it took I found Jesus. My path has been very hard. Especially for that young,spoiled,carefree teenager from Frostburg. I walk that difficult path before me and I have joy. And Jesus supplies it.

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