Not even Chick-fil-A is perfect

Many paramedics and EMT’s I run with love to stop at Chick-fil-A on the way back from the hospital and we stop several times a month. Things usually go pretty smoothly. But because you are dealing with humans, once in a while there is a mess up even though admittedly it is rare. That being said, Chick-fil-A itself has this reputation of being perfect in their systems… in the way they run things. There are always jokes on the internet about placing Chick-fil-A in charge of vaccine distribution, voting, etc. But I found out yesterday that even Chick-fil-A is not perfect.

Yesterday morning on an ambulance call we were leaving the hospital and we placed an order on the app. We submitted the order at 10:25 and headed to the restaurant. When you arrive, they tell you to put in the number of the spot you pull in to so at 10:32 I type in the number 4. Immediately a notification pops up on the app that this location is no longer serving breakfast. I was shocked. I went in, waited in line, and explained to the cashier what had happened. She said they quit serving breakfast at 10:30. I told her I placed my order at 10:25 and checked in at 10:32. She said it was out of their hands, the order comes in from headquarters when we pull in, so we technically did not place the order at their restaurant until 10:32 when we pulled in. I told her it was a bad setup even though I understood it was not her decision. In full disclosure and to give them credit, they did comp me the coke I ordered for the person with me. I cannot fathom, with as well run as Chick-fil-A is, that they do not have a simple pop-up notice that tells you if you do not arrive at the restaurant by the specified time that you order will not be filled.

I am not writing this to bash Chick-fil-A. They do an amazing job. But a Biblical teaching moment comes to mind. Actually several do. But the one I chose to go with today is the reminder that perfection is required when it comes to heaven. There is no sin in heaven. We all understand there is no sin in heaven, but it goes further in that not even anyone with a sin in this life is permitted in heaven to be in the presence of the perfect, holy, righteous God of it all. There is no sinning in heaven and no past sin permitted to enter God’s presence. The Bible teaches us that a perfect life is required to enter, and none are perfect. However, hope is not lost. The Bible also teaches us that if we will confess our sin, believe Jesus paid the price to take away our sin, and turn from our sin, then all of our sins will be forgiven and we will show up on heaven’s doorstep with nothing counted against us. God will consider us free of our sin… Perfect in His eyes, fit for heaven. Consider this the “pop up” warning that if you show up without having had your sins forgiven through the cross of Jesus, you will not get what you were hoping to get. And it will be too late.


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