Settling in

This week was a pleasant break from the sudden onset of early winter temperatures a couple of weeks ago that had forced me to put the plants I want to save through the winter in the garage. One day this week I left the garage open to get the plants a little sunshine. In the afternoon I went in to the garage to find a bird had already started a nest in an empty hanging basket. It would have been a great spot if the garage door would remain open all winter, which it obviously will not. As a matter of fact, I closed it after the bird flew out so the bird did not get settled in.

As I was thinking about a blog post about it, my first instinct was to talk about all the work the bird would do only to have the door closed and the work to have been in vain. I would have talked about people trying to earn their way to heaven only to find the door to heaven slammed in their face. But in my sleepless overnight hours last night I realized the bird getting settled in where it was not supposed to be is a parable of the devil building “nests” in our lives. The Bible says in Ephesians 4:27 “not to give the devil an opportunity” (ESV). You can bet that the devil is always looking for an opening. And like the bird, give him a chance and he will quickly begin setting up shop, ultimately leaving you with a mess.

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1 Response to Settling in

  1. Emma Kearns says:

    Good one and what a challenge, trying to keep the devil out of our lives, especially when making decisions as elderly folks.

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