A Day to Be Thankful to God

Satan put a bag of KitKats on the table inside the front door of the Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company. Actually, Luke Harrison put them there, but when he did so I told Luke those were my kryptonite. You can have your Reese Cups, Almond Joys, Snickers, and Mallo Cups. I will take KitKats. And I do. Nearly every time I walk into the station, which is pretty frequently. The other day I picked one up when I was working on an ambulance report. That’s a bad time to be snacking or eating because it is thoughtless snacking. I was focused on the report, not paying a lot of attention to what I was eating. That being said, as I was eating it I noticed something different about it. I had already eaten the one half so I broke the second half and saw it was all chocolate with no wafer! I would hate to guess how many KitKats I have eaten in my nearly 60 years. They have been around longer than I have. Perhaps it is more common than I know, but that is the first one I have ever eaten that was total chocolate without a wafer.

I took a picture of it knowing I would blog about it, even though I did not know the topic at the time. As I was counting blessings today the Lord brought the rarity of that chocolate KitKat to mind. I thought about my life and how good it has been, and still is. There have no doubt been hundreds of good days for every bad day. Yet the good days fly by without notice, much like me eating a typical KitKat doing an ambulance report. By “good days” do I mean perfect days? Oh course not, but most days are good. The bad, bad days stick out in our minds precisely because they are so rare. The good days are so numerous that they are not memorable.

So while today is a day our country sets aside (as George Washington proclaimed in 1789) ‘as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favours of Almighty God'”, I am reminded that nearly every day I am not thankful enough on all the other days of the year. May you and I mot only have a blessed Thanksgiving today, but give God thanks on all the other good days of the year… and even the bad ones.

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1 Response to A Day to Be Thankful to God

  1. Christine Funkhouser says:

    Let it be so Lord, let it be so!

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