calling the power company

This morning I was at the church and the auxiliary lights came on. That’s how I realized the power was out. I immediately got a text from Diane telling me the power was off at home as well. Next I checked to see if the power was off at the Short Gap VFC. It wasn’t. Then I walked around the neighborhood and I could see lights in one of the neighbors windows. That’s when I knew the problem was pretty specific to us. When the power goes out I never call the Electric company. I always assume others will. But this morning I was pretty sure nobody else was going to call. So I did what I had to do and soled and the computer I spoke with said they hoped to have our power back on by 12:30 today. The power is still out and I am writing the blog on my phone (which is difficult.) The problem may be a big tree that fell on to our property, but I don’t see any lines down.

If I ever wrote a book I would title it “And That Made Me Think”. The situation above that I just described did make me think of something. It reminds me that my salvation is up to me. Your salvation is up to you. I will not be in right standing with God based on my grandmothers faith in life. Nobody else can claim salvation on my behalf. It is up to me to make the call. It is the same for you.

The apostle Paul wrote, “How will they know if no one tells them?” That is my goal in my 1,700+ blog posts, in my 1,500+ sermons, and in my life. We tell people that God wants more for them, and has a purpose for their lives. We tell them that He wants them to humble themselves, confess their sin to him, turn from their own ways to His ways. Then they can make the call… or not make the call. It is up to each of us.

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