Victory in Jesus

Diane ordered a “Black Friday” laptop to assist her in her health and beauty aids business. I thought she said it was going to be delivered today so naturally when the FedEx van pulled in this morning I met the driver outside, expecting I might have to sign. The delivery did not require a signature. But then again, it was not a laptop. Much to my surprise, it was a regular scheduled delivery of cat litter. Diane was probably expecting the cat litter delivery today. As noted, I was not. I took the cat litter in the house and walked back to the church with another blog post. This one about expectations.

“Expectation” is a tricky thing to maneuver. We must be honest with ourselves that bad things can and do happen to us as followers of Jesus. God’s Word tells us to expect them, so hardships and difficulties in this life should not catch us unaware. Yet, we also know from God’s Word that God will not leave us abandoned in those times. Therefore, as difficult as it is sometimes, we can not let that reality dampen our joy or defeat us when we walk through the valleys of this life. The ultimate expectation that we can and must cling to is that the difficulties of this life are not final. Victory in Jesus is the final Word. For followers of Jesus, remembering that is a great key to making it through the tough seasons of this life. That is an expectation that will be fulfilled.

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