A simple clean up – guaranteed

A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to start using crock pot liners for foods that make for difficult clean ups. Over the last 15 years of doing weekly church dinners, in addition to other food ministries, I cannot imagine how many hundreds of times I have soaked and scrubbed crock pots. We had ham and bean soup this week for the community dinner that I knew would not require a liner. Today, Diane needs macaroni and cheese for one of her health/beauty aid business meetings. In my new “life habit” liner philosophy, the mac and cheese definitely requires a liner. I noticed the box for the liners said “8 second clean up guaranteed”. They are indeed a simple cleanup. You can even store the leftover macaroni in them in the fridge.

It is worth mentioning that I have had a couple of dozen boxes of liners in the cabinet at the church for years. I bought them one time when I saw them at a discount store for 89 cents a pack. I have just never used them, with the thought only crossing my mind when I am scrubbing hard to clean crocks. Diane told me I should place liners in each of the 10 clean crock pots in the church kitchen so when I get a crock pot out I will remember. That was a good idea. Until I get in the habit of using them, I need the reminder.

As I often do in situations like this where I have a benefit at my disposal and do not implement it, I think about God. First, I had a guaranteed clean up available for my life and it took me way too long to “pull it out of the cupboard and use it”. After I confessed my sin, accepted Jesus as my Savior, and found forgiveness, I wondered why it took me so long for that guaranteed clean up. I had spent too many years scrubbing and scrubbing the burned-on messes of my life to no avail. Second, now that I am in right relationship with God because of Jesus, I have to keep being reminded to trust Him. Trust Him through the storms, trust Him in the valleys, trust Him with my life. I need those liners placed where I can see them so I can remember that with the beginning and the ending of everything in the hands of God, I can trust Him in the little area in between that I find myself in… and so can you.

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1 Response to A simple clean up – guaranteed

  1. Sue white says:

    Perfectly said… really touched me….

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