Overcoming the same mistakes

I was asked to put on meatballs Tuesday morning for a funeral dinner. I put the meatballs and marinara in a crock pot and turned it on. It was then that I remembered my blog post from Sunday, which I also mentioned in the sermon Sunday. I spoke of the ease of cleanup when a crock pot liner is used. Meatballs are one of the dishes that make for a difficult clean up. Here it was two days later, two days after I vowed a life change by using crock pot liners (OK, a little melodramatic) and what did I do? I put on meatballs without a liner. On the one hand, I was not surprised I did it once again. On the other hand I was disappointed with myself that I had done it yet again. What would I do now? One option was to get another crock pot ready with a liner, transfer the meatballs, and clean out the first one. The second option was to just forget it and deal with the difficulty at clean up time. I switched out the meatballs to a lined crock pot and the initial one cleaned up easy enough.

It is so disappointing when we keep doing the same wrong things over and over. Sometimes we do so on purpose and other times, as in the case of the liner, unintentionally. In this case, I was able to easily undo and able to correct my mistake. Usually in life it is much more difficult. And in dealing with God, undoing our own mistakes… our own sin… well, it is quite impossible. But God…

In his book The Knowledge of the Holy, AW Tozer refers to our sin overwhelming us like the enormity of a mountain. Yet Tozer says that even a mountain has limits. It is a measurable height and weighs a certain weight. As big as a mountain is, it is not limitless. God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness IS limitless. Romans 5:20 says, “Where sin abounded, grace did much more.” Even if we see our sin as big as a mountain, we can take comfort in knowing that God can and will overcome our sin if we will turn to Him. He will forgive Tozer concludes with this: We who feel ourselves alienated from the fellowship of God can now raise our discouraged heads and look up… and be welcome. As we approach the Garden, our home before the fall, the flaming sword is withdrawn. The keepers of the tree of life stand aside when they see a child of grace approaching.

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2 Responses to Overcoming the same mistakes

  1. Sur says:

    Your blogs always seem to really inspire and encourage me

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