Because of Jesus

One of my Mason County friends Vicky Nazarewycz sent me a message yesterday morning that her husband Lew was going to use one of my blogs for their devotion at the food pantry in Mason. I thanked her for letting me know and wished her and Lew a Merry Christmas. I started to write more to her in a text, but thought I would write it here instead.

What I began to write was that sometimes I am overwhelmed with the thought that one day I will spend eternity with Vicky and Lew and others like them who have meant so much to Diane and me. One of the more difficult things about being a clergy couple is moving and being unable to maintain relationships with so many people you love. There are people still living and people who have already moved on to be with Jesus. We have people in the area we raised our kids in Tyler County, people in Mason County where we served the Mason UMC for six years, and one day will miss people from Mineral County when our time here is through and, Lord willing, we are living in Myrtle Beach.

Then, one day, we will all gather together in heaven in the presence of Jesus, because of Jesus where will be no more tears and no more pain. The older I get, the more I long for that day.

“When our flesh and our bone are no longer between…
Where we are right now and where we’re meant to be.”

Almost Home, MercyMe
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3 Responses to Because of Jesus

  1. Thank for time you put into your blogs! Although I admittedly don’t read them all, the past two touched me very deeply! I am so proud of you for ALL that you do. You are truly a disciple of Christ, spreading His love and truth in a very Spirit-led manner in all you do. Remember, Jesus says we will be rewarded in THIS life (Mark 10:29-30)! Praying for you and Diane! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Christine Funkhouser says:

    I love the blog and the scene of the “ mountain road” really speaks volumes!!!

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