“pay once, use forever”

I recently got an email from a company that helps non-profits get discounted software. The email said if users want Microsoft “pay once, use forever” software that it must be requested by December 29. Microsoft has been moving away from the buy it and have it forever model that we have been accustomed to for so long. They are moving toward subscription based software requiring users to pay monthly or yearly fees. I am sure they will spin it in a way that makes it sound like they are doing it to benefit us, but we know that is not their motive. They know they can make more money “renting” us Microsoft Office than selling it to us.

I love the way the email stated the software we have known for 30 years as “pay once use forever”. One thing that comes to mind is that Diane and I each have an unused ticket for Walt Disney World that we purchased in the mid 1980’s. We purchased a three day pass and only used two of them. At the time they sold the tickets as good forever. Somewhere along the way they began to add expiration dates to tickets. They will still honor our tickets that cost us 20 some dollars per day, albeit with some stipulations. They can only be used at one park and have to be used by the same people who bought them, meaning we could not give them to our kids to use as they were not born yet! We were kids then.

The ultimate idea of “pay once, use forever” was conceived when God sent Jesus to die on the cross for humanity. It is hard to believe that His death on the cross 2,000 years ago not only offered forgiveness to the people who lived then, but continues to offer forgiveness to everyone who lives today. It was an offer that has been valid for 2,000 years… A guarantee that whoever calls upon the name of Jesus will be saved. We sometimes act as if there is no expiration date, but we know that there is. However, once the offer for one’s life has been redeemed, there truly is no expiration date. The end of this life ushers Believers into eternity.

Microsoft will probably still be trying to bill your credit card 😉

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