The cat, the carrier, and the chaos

Yesterday Diane took Mr. Kitty for his vet check up. Mr. Kitty has been out of the house about three times in the last two years that we’ve had him. He is very content in the house and never makes any attempt to go out the door. To say that going to the vet was traumatic for him would be an understatement.

It began innocently enough for him when I set the carrier down in front of him. He thought nothing of it since it has been so long since he’d seen it. I took a picture of the carrier and the cat just before the chaos. Once we tried to help him into the carrier it all broke loose. Of course he went in it, and of course he went to the vet, but he was not a happy cat. However, all was forgiven by evening. The hard part was that he was unaware of the necessity of the event.

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination for me to put myself in Mr. Kitty‘s place and to put God in my place in this story. Much like I knew Mr. Kitty‘s appointment was coming, all the while he had no clue, I know that God knows what is coming for you and me. God knows everything. He knows what has been, He knows what is, and He knows what is to be.

I wish Mr. Kitty had just trusted us. Again, it is so easy to substitute the characters.

The cat and the carrier before the chaos
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