The right focus – Happy New Year

This morning as I sit at the beach I noticed a couple broken chairs that were sitting next to the trash. I took a picture of them thinking that would be something to blog about. When I uploaded the picture, I saw recent pictures I’d used in my blog posts. I realized that most of my blog posts have been about my failures. I made cheesecake that didn’t turn out right, I lost the church coffee maker basket that you put the grounds in, I forgot to put the liner in the crockpot for the meatballs, I made an ugly cake for the mission… You get the picture.

Yet in nearly every situation, God did some thing that said failure was not final. My messed up cheesecake became delicious cheesecake balls. Once sliced, the cake at the mission presented beautifully on the plate. While I never found the coffee basket, the Lord did provide another one that very day.

While the devil draws my attention to the broken down chairs, the Lord reminds me that no failure is final. When the devil wants me to focus on the negative, the Lord provides miles and miles of sand, surf, and sea oats… or some other light in my life. This New Year’s Day the broken chairs, the fog that hides the beautiful sunrise this morning, and the dreadful year that has just passed cannot steal my thankfulness for what God does with broken things… and the hope I have as a child of God. and rather than show you a picture of broken down chairs next to a trashcan, I’ve included a picture of yesterday‘s sunrise.

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