The certainty and uncertainty

If you’re going to see a beautiful sunrise at the beach you gotta have some clouds. Clouds we have this morning at the beach. What is less certain is whether it is going to be a beautiful sunrise. You just never know. Sometimes there are so many clouds that it blocks the sun. Other times the sun lights up the plentiful clouds in cotton candy colors. This morning I await the results.

Most of life seems like we are always waiting for something. We wait for appointments ands then we wait for the test results. All of us are waiting for Covid to subside. We are always waiting. And most of our waiting is waiting in uncertainty.

When I begin to write this morning I thought I was going to and with the idea that waiting implies that the present is not worth celebrating. I thought I was going to end with “waiting robs us of today.” But along the way, as I waited for the thoughts to come to finish this post, the thought came into my mind that some of us are currently are waiting for Spring. And I remembered that Spring is one of those things that we wait for with certainty, as in we know exactly when it is going to be. We even know how it will be. There will be some warm days and some cold days. There will be some rain and some snow. That is Spring in West Virginia.

I can now report to you that it was a pretty average sunrise. I didn’t get the colors I hoped for even though the sun did break through the clouds. I can also report to you but there is another certainty. The Bible says that God, who began a good work in you, would see it through to completion. It also says that all things work for good for you who will trust God, even as you wait… often with uncertainty about most things. We can be certain that He is always doing something.

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