Dolly Parton at Lakewood Camping Resort?

A year or so ago Diane and I were in the activities center at Lakewood Camping Resort in Myrtle Beach when I heard a familiar voice from a woman who was working there. I did not know her and at first I could not place the voice. For the record, I think I probably drive Diane crazy always saying, “Doesn’t that person look like…” and this was a similar experience. Finally, it hit me that this person sounded exactly like Dolly Parton. I asked her, “Do people ever tell you that you sound exactly like Dolly Parton?” She told us that, in fact, she was a Dolly Parton impersonator at a local Myrtle Beach show. I told her I knew she must be good because she sounded exactly like her.

Fast forward a year and Diane tells me that this same woman, Karen Hester, was going to be on a television impersonator competition called “Clash of the Cover Bands”. Then yesterday Diane told me that Karen is going to be on the Tonight Show last night because she WON the contest. It is not surprising to me. I am sure Karen is accentuating some syllables while trying to match Dolly’s appearance and movements, but the voice is her voice.

As I was thinking about the impeccable impersonation my mind went to a sermon I heard one time from Ephesians 5 about Satan being a counterfeiter. For everything God offers, Satan has an imitation. And the devil’s counterfeit version is so good, sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. The Scripture tells us to “…be imitators of God…” and warns us about the tricks of the devil. There is no doubt society and much of the church has been fooled by Satan calling bad things good and good things bad. We know that God is not the “author of confusion”, but we know who is.

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