You have been warned

Yesterday I put a post on Facebook telling people we want to get rid of a car. Over two years we had it in the shop six times, and I do not even want to guess how much we spent having it repaired. I was as clear as I could be that it has been a piece of junk. Over the years I have been very blessed with decent used cars. In my entire life, and I am 60, I have only bought two brand new cars. So I have bought a lot of used cars. This one is the worst. I tried to make that clear in my post when I said the car has been “…nothing but trouble, is not currently running, and has all kinds of stuff wrong with it.” I do not think I could have been any clearer.

In spite of that warning, I had different people who were in dire straits reach out to me about the car. I am not talking about people who are handy and want a project. I am talking people who are really in need of a reasonably priced vehicle… one that runs. I said, “You do not want this car”. Having no car at all is better than having this car. Take it from someone who is always looking for a decent priced reliable used car, if you are in need of a used car, you do not want this used car – even if I gave it to you.

I wanted to be clear when I made the post. It is not unlike when I preach. I want to be clear. I can say things like “we are all sinners who need a Savior” or “we are all going to hell for our sins if we do not trust in Jesus by confessing our sin and asking Him to forgive us based on the punishment He took for our sin on the cross.” And yet, I will and do say those very things to people and then they will look me right in the eye and tell me they think they will go to heaven because they are a good person. It is as if they never heard me say that they are a sinner who needs a Savior and they are going to hell for what they have done. No good things we do will outweigh the sin against us, no matter how minor the sin seems to us. It is not the severity of the sin, but the holiness of the One against whom we have sinned. Can I be any more clear? And yet people will read this and still be interested in securing their own righteousness by their own “good works”. Lord, have mercy.

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities
his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen,
being understood from what has been made,
so that people are without excuse. ~ Romans 1:20

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