The Fiddle-dee-dee Factor and the Challenge of Profound Change

For those who like my blog, you will enjoy this post comparing the UMC to the cows unwilling to leave the burning barn. “The forthcoming division of the denomination is a certainty.”

People Need Jesus

by Bob Phillips

My wife was raised on a dairy farm in rural northern Pennsylvania. The other day she shared a memory from her youth. The barn housing the cows caught fire, most likely an electrical short. Everyone scrambled to get the cows out of the barn before the roof collapsed. The cows didn’t want to leave. When pulled out of the barn, many of them tried to go back into the barn, even as it was being fully engulfed in flames. Knowing memory can be tricky, my wife called her brother, a past president of the Holstein Association, USA. He confirmed both her memories of that night and the disposition of cattle to be fixed on home, unwilling to change their setting even if it is crashing in flames.

When I heard that story, shared in another context, I immediately thought of the travails of many laity and clergy…

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