The author of confusion

Over the last 12 years I have written over 1,700 innocuous posts about how an earthly thing reminds me of a heavenly, Kingdom of God thing. Of course, “innocuous” means unlikely to provoke an adverse reaction. This may or may not be one of those.

I read a lengthy Billy Graham sermon in the last couple of days describing good and evil, and specifically, of how it comes so naturally for sinful societies to confuse good and bad – to call what is bad good and what is good bad. It was a remarkable sermon that society would have received without much argument at the time. When the Bible says that God is not the author of confusion, we know who is. Causing us to conflate and confuse good and bad is among the devil’s most used weapons. It started in the Garden of Eden with a tree and a piece of fruit and that old serpent is just as cunning today as he was then.

One of the worst things about a society unhitched from any truth differentiating between right or wrong, good or bad, holy or unholy, is that it just keeps devolving. When, what was once considered undesirable is now accepted as good or normal, the devil always has a new undesirable or unaccepted confusion waiting in the chamber to fire into the society. This new “flare” fired into the crowd begins as unacceptable by the society, but will soon be seen as discriminated against until it becomes accepted and eventually demands the rest of society’s celebrating.

You know what I am saying is true. You see it happening. Somewhere, God’s people are going to have to speak truth in love to a lost and dying society that is being led astray by the devil’s destructive confusion. Will the majority turn to God? Probably not. Will someone? Certainly. Is it worth being despised by many to speak God’s truth to see one saved? Absolutely.

How can we get our values straightened out? How can our warped judgment be brought into line? How can we stop calling evil good?
Some tell us that education is the answer to these questions. Others say that science is the answer.
But the Bible, which has withstood the ravages of time, tells us a different story. It says that we possess a nature that wars against us, that seeks to destroy us. Evil is present in us disguising itself as good, controlling us and deceiving us. That is why some people love evil and hate that which is good—they are still in their sins. For them, life’s values are confused. Sin is why the atonement was necessary. Jesus died on the cross to make us one with Him—dead to sin and alive to (His) righteousness. ~ Billy Graham

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