Through the ups and downs… God is doing something

This morning I was watering some plants that have recently been neglected in my office. I usually use two pitchers and fill them one by one in the men’s room lavatory across from my office. This morning after years of filling pitchers one at a time in the men’s room I looked in the ladies restroom and noticed they have two sinks! I took the pitchers in there and put one under each faucet. I wondered how in the world it took me nine years to notice there were two sinks in the ladies’ room. I find it inconceivable I just now realized this. As one not to waste time, I thought of all the time wasted standing there waiting in the men’s room for a second pitcher to fill up. It sure is going to change how I fill the pitchers in the years I have remaining here. What will I do with all those extra minutes? Maybe more blog posts, lol.

Sunday I preached about the calling on Peter’s life to follow Jesus from John 21. I thought about the ups and downs that had been in Peter’s life even as I spoke primarily on the ones that would come to pass. Looking back, Peter had to have seen things he missed at the time. He probably put two and two together and realized why Jesus asked him three times if he loved Jesus, coming to the conclusion it was once for each time Peter denied Jesus. Without a doubt Peter would come to understand, and more importantly, to experience the “Promise of the Father” that would be the Holy Spirit.

God reveals things in His time. Sometimes we see good things that come from the bad. Sometimes we look back and find ways God has prepared us for this season of our lives. Sometimes all we can do is trust that one day we will look back on a valley we are presently in and realize how He carried us through… even if we cannot see it today from the valley. God reveals things in His time. Hang in there and wait for it… wait for it…

Then I said, “My lord, what are these?”
And the angel who was speaking with me said to me, “I will show you…”

Zechariah 1:9

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