Painting a picture of the God of Hope

Diane and I have been doing some indoor painting. We got the paint at Ollie’s for $15-$17 a gallon. That’s about half the price as the paint at the paint store or big box hardware stores. The color selections are obviously limited as they offer what they offer. To create our own desired wall color we mixed one gallon of beige with two gallon of white to get an off-white or eggshell color.

We also had some doors that needed painted, but we did not want to paint all the trim. We painted the panels light gray which was the same color as the wall. Then we painted the rest of the door a dark gray. The dark gray paint was a few inches of Sherwin Williams that we had leftover from 2017. I have to tell you the Sherwin Williams paint is twice as thick and goes on much better than the paint we got from Ollie’s. Being that we bought about 20 gallon of paint, I am pretty sure we saved quite a bit of money. I am also convinced that the money savings cost us some more work in painting extra coats.

At first I thought I was going to make the “moral of the story” the difference between the paints and point to the truth of Christ. But every time something from the past is made relevant or is used in the present, I always think about the way God knew back then what He was going to do with things in the future. Five years ago when we used the dark gray paint we had free will to keep or throw away the little bit that was left, God knew what we would do and knew when and where we would use it. We had no clue. I guess I always think this way not only because it is true, but to remind myself that there is nothing that goes to waste in God’s Kingdom. No pain, no strain, no rain, and no gain goes without purpose. Sixty years ago when I was born and twenty-two years ago when I got saved, God knew I was going to be sitting in Short Gap, West Virginia about lunchtime today typing on this keyboard. Twelve years ago when I began this blog, He knew of the trying times that I would go weeks without feeling like writing (or having the time to write) a blog post. And He knew I would keep returning to write.

Because of this truth, you and I can trust Him that whatever it is we are going through, He has a plan. He is always doing something… and it is always something that works for our good and His glory. It is in this God I place my hope. And I hope you do as well.

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1 Response to Painting a picture of the God of Hope

  1. Sandy K.Binotto says:

    Great Message and good paint job!

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