Just tell me what you want

Diane saved a cat’s life a couple of years ago when she went to the shelter to get it. The owner had died and the cat had been at the shelter less than 24 hours and was cowering in the corner. She had seen a picture of him on Facebook. They said cats like that often don’t last long if they do not get adopted. They may or may not have just said that just to guilt her into taking a cat. Regardless, we have a cat we affectionately call Mr. Kitty.

He is awesome because when he wants something he will not meow, but simply sit silently near what it is he wants. When he wants ice water, which is morning and bedtime, he sits near his special ice water “bowl”. When it is time for food at the end of the night he sits near his food bowl. When he wants you to sit down so he can have a lap to sit on he will sit near the chair. While he cannot talk to let us know, there is no failure to communicate. There is no question what he wants and when he wants it.

I wish I understood what God wanted as well as I understand Mr. Kitty. If I am being honest, most of my life as a follower of Jesus seems like it is spent guessing what God wants me to do. While I often have affirmations after the fact, the clarity leading up to decisions are less numerous. He knows I want to be obedient. I often tell myself if He wants me to do better, He has to be more clear. Then I wonder if the desire for holiness and obedience is all He wants from any of us. Even if we can only manage to follow in fallible ways, perhaps that is enough for today.

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