Who are you with?

The other day Diane, our son Matt, and I took Pastor Brian Smith out to eat breakfast at Wilma’s Diner to treat him on his birthday. Brian is working at the Short Gap VFC a few days a week in the daytime to help us get the ambulance out. We were able to take him out while he was working by taking the ambulance. When we tell the 911 center we are out of the station we say we are on “company business and available”. Brian and I made up a crew so if we got a call we would respond from the restaurant. Diane and Matt met us there.

With the ambulance outside and Brian and me in our “Short Gap VFC” shirts, we ordered and ate. When we received the check, I went to the register to pay. It was then that the waitress, who just minutes earlier had brought us our check, told me that we did not owe anything because our check had been taken care of. I was in shock. I went back to my seat and commenced in conversation about it. We surmised that it was because Brian and I were in our fire department shirts and had the ambulance with us.

As I reflected on that blessing, I thought about how ironic it was that we had intended to pay for Brian’s meal and someone had ended up paying for all of ours. Then, as He often does, God gave me a Kingdom of God perspective. Assuming it was intended to bless us as first responders, I thought about how Diane and Matt were blessed simply by being with first responders. While Diane may be deserving of the blessing from all the nights over the last few years she has been awakened from 100 sound sleeps by the heart shocking wailing of the alert on my phone, still she is not a first responder. But just as Matt and Diane received a freebie because they were with us, we receive a freebie when we are with Jesus. We did nothing to deserve salvation. We can not earn it with good works, loving our neighbor, or anonymously paying for others’ meals. We obtain it when we agree to receive the free gift of Jesus on the cross. And we who will enter heaven one day will do so solely based on who we are with – Jesus.

If you want to know how to be saved, you can click here.

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