Will they miss you?

Today is Ralph Ross’s birthday. Ralph and Sally Ross are two of the people I miss most from the six year season of our lives that God had us walking with the folks in upper Mason County, WV. There are a lot of people we miss from that time. I cannot mention names without leaving others out, but let me just say I worked a lot with Beth Foreman at the Good News Club and Lew and Vicky Nazarewycz at the food pantry who are others that I miss dearly and cannot wait to spend eternity with. You who know Ralph, Sally, Lew, Vicky, and Beth surely agree. I could go on and on about others like my neighbors Lew and Irma Gilland, but I have to stop. (Lew, who lived next door and had a pool in his back yard told me if I promised to stay that he would pay to have his fence moved to include my back yard so we would share back yards and their pool would be in our back yard, too!)

On the other hand, there are others I do not miss. We all have experiences with people who talk behind our back or work to undermine us. I remember one person who started attending the church back then and someone asked me if I knew that person. When I said I did not, the person who did know them said: “Let me just say they have never been a problem SOLVER at any other church they have attended.” Strangely enough, that is one of the people that a decade later I now remember fondly.

All of this comes to mind from my interaction with the garbage men this morning. Some of you know I like to leave snacks out for them. I never mention this to brag, but to perhaps inspire you to do something similar for others, and it not necessarily be the sanitation crew. You can take cookies for the nursing home staff when you go to visit, etc. Anyhow, I helped them fling our garbage bags this morning and handed them some chocolate chip cookies and waved as they drove off waving back and yelling out their appreciation. As I walked away I almost felt as if God were whispering to me, “They are going to miss you when you are gone.” (Not that I plan on going anywhere right away, but I know I am closer to the end of this season of ministry in Short Gap than the beginning). My kindness to them is my witness to them of the love of Jesus. Sometimes my witness of the love of Jesus is hard words like “repent of your sins and be forgiven”. If folks are not thankful for those words now, at the judgement they will know they were said in love.

Happy Birthday Ralph. I miss you.

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