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Shot to the heart…

I pray for all the pastors who are willing to proclaim the whole truth of God, who know what a target that puts on them as they speak life to people who love the ways of a dying world. Continue reading

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Roll with it

Todd Beamer became one of the more famous passengers of Flight 93 when he rallied with other passengers in an effort to re-take the plane and ended up thwarting the hijackers efforts to crash the plane in Washington, D.C. He … Continue reading

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We are a welcoming church

I do challenge the insinuation that a church is unwelcoming because they may teach things contrary to the ways of the world. Continue reading

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Thanks for coming to help us

Last night they had a youth night at the church. Not the church I attend, but at the church that I’m sleeping in. This week I am volunteering with Samaritan’s Purse in Mayfield Kentucky to assist the community in what … Continue reading

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