Thanks for coming to help us

Last night they had a youth night at the church. Not the church I attend, but at the church that I’m sleeping in. This week I am volunteering with Samaritan’s Purse in Mayfield Kentucky to assist the community in what will amount to a years long recovery from last December‘s tornado. Even as I watched the news at the time, I knew that I would be here one day.

When I see people from the Mayfield First Assembly of God, I always thank them for opening their church to Samaritan’s Purse and us volunteers. Every time I’m on one of these trips, I always thank church people. It is a very big deal turn your church over to a bunch of strangers for two years. We experience that for one week every summer when a mission team comes in from North Lewisburg Ohio, even though those folks are no longer strangers.

Last night one of the people I thanked said “you are welcome” and then added, “thank you for coming to help us.” I don’t honestly see how Mayfield ever recovers. I can only relate it to the loss of a loved one. You move on, but you are never the same.

I will leave here after a week taking a piece of Mayfield with me. I will take with me a piece of their pain, and I will take with me a piece of their hope. And the words “thank you for coming to help us” will be forever etched in my mind. I have heard them from others before on other mission trips, but this time it hit me differently. This morning I was reminded that that is, simply put, what God has done for us. Like Mayfield, there was no chance of recovery without some kind of outside intervention. God came and helped me when I couldn’t help myself. He came in the form of Jesus Christ and he took the punishment that I deserved. He rose from the dead, overcoming death, so that I to will overcome death. Not only will I overcome death, I have overcome death. The victory is already mine. And it can be yours as well if you will just thank him for coming to help you. Confess your sins to Him, ask Him to forgive you. It is why He came.

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