Roll with it

Todd Beamer became one of the more famous passengers of Flight 93 when he rallied with other passengers in an effort to re-take the plane and ended up thwarting the hijackers efforts to crash the plane in Washington, D.C. He is famous for the phrase, “Let’s Roll” which legend has it was overheard on the phone when the passengers revolted. Let’s Roll indicates that one is about to make a move. Sometimes it is time to roll. Other times, we have to “Roll With It”. Steve Winwood had a hit song with that title in 1988. The song begins with the line, “When life is too much, roll with it, baby”. And don’t get me started on Alabama’s “Roll On”.

Yesterday (Sunday) morning someone I know texted me at 8:30 and told me they were sorry to hear that our church lost our organist. I am always at a loss to put to words someone’s death. Our organist Betty Gough died last Sunday, but I am reminded of the line Billy Graham used when he said, “One of these days you are going to hear that Billy Graham has died. Don’t you believe it. At that moment I will be more alive than I have ever been in this world.” The person expressing their condolences in the text also offered to come play for us yesterday morning. She said she had been filling in for churches here and there. I told her we would love to have her. I also told her that whatever happened in the following weeks and months, we would roll with it. When I say the church will roll with it, I do not mean it as Steve Winwood says “when life is too much.” I mean we will roll with it in whatever ways the Holy Spirit leads. Yesterday the Holy Spirit led this person to offer to play music for Wesley Chapel the Sunday after the Sunday the church suffered an immeasurable loss of one of the saints.

The Spirit made known to my heart that He did indeed send this organist when, after she played the opening hymn and as she prepared to hear the sermon, she sat in the second pew. Betty always sat in the first pew. The Spirit honored Betty by leading the organist to not sit in the front row by the organ, as would have been expected. I messaged the person later and told her that. I also told her if she fills in any more and sits in the first pew that it is OK. We do not need to keep an empty seat for Betty. She would prefer that it be filled.

But whatever happens in the coming weeks and months, whatever ways the Spirit leads, we will roll with it… with our “Let’s Roll” and “Roll On” attitude!

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