Shot to the heart…

I had not really been on social media yesterday until last night. Last night what I read was a shot to my heart. I began crying when I read that Pastor Matt Chandler had stepped aside from his pastoral duties at the Village Church in Flower Mound TX for breaking the Village Church’s moral and ethical policy. Matt Chandler is one of my favorites. I appreciate his teaching so much that I and some of my friends, went to the Village Church when we were on a mission trip. All we know right now is that he was having inappropriately casual banter on Instagram with a married female who goes to his church. The Bible warns about “coarse jesting” in Ephesians 5, placing it right there alongside sexual immorality and greed.

I stood at the front of the church yesterday either inside or outside where I preached about “virtue signaling” and said that when I preach about sin that I am not virtue signaling. Virtue signaling is when someone presents themselves as something they are not. I readily admit that I do not deserve to preach the Gospel. When I preach about sin, I am telling people what God says about all of us – that we all fall short and that He is willing to forgive us. I quoted the Apostle Paul when he says he was the least of the apostles, unworthy to be called an apostle, but for the grace of God. We are all imperfect and do the best we can each day, knowing every day is not good enough. Yet we also know that being saved means that God has not only forgiven us our past, but makes up for our shortcomings every day.

Hours later, one of my favorite Bible teachers confesses to the church that he has made a mistake which has led the church leadership to ask him to step aside for a season. Our reactions to events like this say much about us. AW Tozer wrote, “Anyone who looks at another’s sin as worse than our own does not understand the depth of our own sin.”

Those whom have been offended by his Bible teaching will revel in his failure. But as for me, a sinner saved every day by the grace of God, I pray for Matt Chandler’s restoration. The church universal is better with Matt Chandler. I not only Pray for Matt Chandler, but I pray for me. I pray for all the pastors who are willing to proclaim the whole truth of God, who know what a target that puts on them as they speak life to people who love the ways of a dying world.

I could write a much longer post, but I try to keep these short. For a great writing on this, you can read Peter Heck here. Peter Heck is one of the greater topical Christian writers you will find.

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2 Responses to Shot to the heart…

  1. Colleen Folger says:

    Thank you for including the link of the worship service at Matt Chandler’s church. It was so uplifting to see and hear how the church was so transparent, loving, and Biblical in its response.

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