Mistaken for a firefighter

This morning I saw a story that said actors filming a TV show were dressed as firefighters and they were mistaken for real firefighters on the streets near where they were filming. I thought to myself, “Of course they were.” If you see someone wearing a fireman’s pants, suspenders, coat, boots, and a helmet, what are you to think? However, I know that just because someone is wearing the gear does not make them a firefighter. How do I know? I have every one of those items. I even have a locker at the fire station that holds them all! And I am not a firefighter. The Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company provides me with these items because I am an EMT. Occasionally I will go out on the road at the scene of an accident and hold a sign that says “Stop” on one side and “Slow” on the other, but that does not make me a firefighter. Sometimes I will take the ambulance to a fire and hand out water in my fireman’s turnout gear, but that does not make me a firefighter.

The firefighters have training that teaches them to run in to burning houses, drive fire trucks, hook hoses together, and run pumps on the fire truck to provide water for those who hold the hoses. There are many people who have lockers and gear, or hang out at the fire station, but that does not make them a firefighter.

Now, for the pivot.

This brings to mind a popular phrase that people sometimes say about the church. Coming to church does not make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car. With all of our society’s insanity of people claiming to be something they are not, the saying may be losing some of its pop as some would argue you can be a car. While it is confusing to rational people how someone can claim to be something they clearly are not, and even more confounding that society goes along with it, it would be very dangerous for someone who is not a firefighter to walk around believing they were a firefighter. On occasion, trained and experienced firefighters sacrifice their lives in a fire. A fake firefighter would stand no chance and would almost certainly eventually die in a fire. The irony is, the Bible says the same fate awaits fake Christians. Do not be deceiving nor be deceived yourself. Your life depends on it.

(If you wonder about your salvation, click here.)

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  1. Sandra Kay Binotto says:

    Great Message!

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